May 4th 2013


On May 4th 2013 the first performingNOW! event was held at GENERATORprojects in Dundee. Attracting  performers and visitors from all over Scotland,  the night was a huge sucess. Here are some images from the performances:



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The line up:

Christian Nerf, Philanthropic Misanthrope,

Kate Clayton, Letters,

Ruth Aitken, The fundamentals of building up and tearing down

Karen Spy, Animus – Anima re-claimed: a mindful action: Art Tharapy crows wings, beeswax candle, hospital blanket, basin of water, soap, scrubbing brush, mead, two silver bowls, firelight, Fife red ochre, water & menstrual blood Karen Spy (assisted by Beth Savage),, The Cave of Chauvet

Beth Savage, The Hunt,

Peter McRae, The Man Stripped Bare By His Admirers, Even Occasional Dances No.8

Stephanie Black, CRUX,

Claire Briegel and Tara Chaloner, Guernica: working presence,

Sophie Orton, Online Ad Series: Carpenter/Handyman from Gumtree, Dundee

Holly Aitchison, Re-enactment,

Morgan Cahn, (Breathe)(Out)(Deep)(Freak),

Conor Baird, (lacking in supply of) Wanting,

Ashley-Louise McNaughton, ‘the fluid motion of a cat’,

Tom Wallace, Animation Compilation



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